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Stage 1: First Contact – If you are a prospective tenant looking for Yolo County CA Real Estate, Sacramento CA Real Estate, Davis CA Real Estate, or Woodland CA Real Estate Rentals please call or read our post on the website for more information about the property, how to apply, and the residential lease agreement. A video and pictures will usually be posted so you can get an idea of the property.

Stage 2: The Application – If you are still interested the next step is to click on the link above “RENTAL APPLICATIONS” and print out a separate form for every applicant applying. Our Woodland CA property management Company, Davis CA property management, Sacramento CA property management requires you to fill out the application fully on every page and sign where necessary. We will not set up a personal viewing with you until a completed application has been given to us at the office.

References from prior landlords and employers help us determine the relationship you had with your previous landlords and job security. We also will be running a recent credit report and criminal background check. You may return the applications by scanning into an email to skylar@jujohnson.com , faxing to 530-666-6313 , or our office personally at 627 North Street Woodland, Ca 95695. If we are not available we have a mail slot at the front door to drop off your application.

Stage 3: The Showing – Now I will review your applications and schedule a showing of the property where we will again review the leasing terms and set up an appointment with you to be able to see the property in person where we can go further into detail.

Stage 4: Approval Process – If you decide you would like to rent the property our management company will make a decision on if we feel this property best suits your needs and if you the tenant can responsibly handle renting. Many factors go into this process but overall the owner has the final decision on who to rent to.

Stage 5: Lease Signing – Congratulations! We have decided to rent the property to you! We are ready to sign the residential lease agreement. Making a time to meet at our office we will make sure all the terms are completely understood. If everyone agrees then we will go ahead and sign your signatures locking you into your new rental!Woodland Real Estate, Woodland Property Management, Woodland homes for sale, Woodland Realty, 627 North Street Woodland, Ca 95695, Woodland homes for rent


Employment history and proof of income:

First, if the tenant(s) are making the rent payments then they should have jobs or an income to make sure they can cover the rent payments. Again, this is why we ask for several years of history here so you can see how stable their employment has been. Typically, its more of risk if the tenant has held several jobs in just a few years and there may be gaps in the employment (i.e. time periods with no income).

Contact information for your supervisor should also be provided so that we can validate employment.

Woodland CA Real Estate Companies.

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