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Real Estate Companies Woodland CA

It’s not surprising that most homebuyers hire a real estate agent or broker to help them find a home. Without one, in the time it takes you to find and buy a home, you’d have to learn and put into practice a special set of skills real estate professionals spend years honing. From finding a home and matching you with adequate financing, to negotiating the contract and closing the deal, the real estate agent’s numerous duties and responsibilities reflect the nature of home buying. Ultimately, you can expect your agent to guide and assist you through this home-buying adventure. He or she will help you avoid potential problems, and in the end, hand you the keys to your new home.

What agents do

  • To help you buy a home, your agent must have a vast working knowledge of the real estate market, including price trends, neighborhood conditions and amenities, real estate law, zoning issues, financing, taxes, insurance and negotiating. The best agents are also “street smart” in the psychology of home buying and the stresses that accompany it.
  • During your initial meeting, agents typically help you determine the viability of your wants and needs in both a neighborhood and a home. The agent will help you learn how much you can afford usually by referring you to a bank or lender to help you find suitable financing, clue you in on current market conditions and tell you what to expect as you shop for a home. Your agent will also devise a strategy plan based on your needs, how much you can afford and current market conditions.
  • After meeting with your bank or lender. They will issue you a pre approval letter stating how high of priced homes you can qualify to buy for. They gather this from various information such as W2 Tax Returns, Bank Statements, Job Stability, ETC. After this information is gathered you’ll likely meet with your agent to tour available properties and discuss details, including a home’s pertinent selling points, floor plans, the neighborhood’s crime rate and community proximity to schools, shopping centers, cultural activities and work centers.
  • The agent is responsible for obtaining many disclosures, making sure home inspections and repairs are completed and coordinating the activities of your lender, attorney, roof inspector and other professionals engaged in your purchase. If bargaining over the price is necessary, your agent will be your negotiator, and when it’s time to sign the final closing documents, he or she will accompany you to the title company make sure all your contract is correct and your signing day is as smooth as possible.
  • When you have a question, concern or idea as you shop, your agent should be able to respond either directly or by referring you to someone who can help.