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Property Management. Woodland California. Johnson Real Estate

Woodland Property Management. Johnson Real Estate.

Johnson Real Estate is a local Realty Company in Woodland Ca, our property management goal is to care for your estate with some of the finest services available. We strive to take the stress of being a landlord off your shoulders and make the process of renting as easy and effortless as possible while keeping you up to date with every decision. The following are benefits we offer as your property manager:

1. Secure the best tenant for your property.
2. Pay for the cost of the advertisement (Initial start-up fee of $45.00).
3. Do a walk-through with tenant before moving in. We use a prepared check-list form on each room as to the condition of the property as each tenant moves in.
4. Collect rent.
5. Send your rental check by direct deposit to your bank account.
6. Release the tenants if they move and do a pre-move-out walk-through. Security and cleaning deposits held in separate trust account to be released within 21 days after move-out any deductions to be itemized and balance to be forward to tenant.
7. Check property on a regular basis to see if property is being maintained.
8. Do a year-end transaction statement and a 1099 for your income taxes.
9. By request do a once-a-year market value appraisal.
10. Inform owner of any necessary repair work, and find the best people for the job through our network of trusted repair and maintenance professionals.

Property Management. Woodland California. Johnson Real Estate

Skylar Kershner. Woodland Realtor / Real Estate Agent. Buying, Selling, Property Management.

Commission is 10% of rent amount.

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