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Skylar J. Kershner

The Real Estate Market is changing everyday! You need a professional that understands the industry and is positioned to stay ahead of the game! I will go the extra mile to achieve your goals. I am constantly researching the market and property values so that your home whether buying or selling is priced effectively from day one. I will make sure that the public knows your home is for sale through innovative marketing techniques to attract potential buyers. A good agent recognizes the emotional needs of buyers and homeowners and works to satisfy those needs. When you work with me, whether you’re a first time home buyer, investor, seller, or acquiring veterans assistance, you can be assured that I will take the time to get to know you and your family! My goal is to give you excellent service followed by honest answers. As one of the preeminent real estate professionals in the community, I am dedicated to providing the finest service available. Let me prove it to you!skylar professional photo